I'm an independent Visual Designer, Illustrator and Artist creating visuals, illustrations and multisensory experiences by play. I also host Creative Play Workshops for professionals and for various groups.

I play with physical (food, pigments, textures, tools) and digital (vector graphics, 3D, photos, softwares) materials and create new methods for creating visuals. I also write and draw comics and characters. Curiosity drives me forward.

Play is a key to new things and thoughts. I think play should be seen as an important part of any design process or system related to human centric user experiences. Play has a great impact on your brain and it helps open doors you didn't know existed. Creative Play Workshops encourage people to discover those doors. Play strengthens intuition. Together play and intuition are a powerful tool for making discoveries and finding inspiration. We play to learn.

My professional background is in graphic design and art direction in visual communication and marketing. I have Master of Arts degree from University of Lapland 2007 and did Pictoplasma Academy 2014 in Berlin, a master class of character design. I'm an author and illustrator of A Hundred Thousand Knots and Blue Boots® and founder of Blue Boots Creative Studio. For more detailed information, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Interview in Around Journal: http://www.aroundjournal.com/playtime/


Helsinki, Finland




To open doors

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