Creative Play Workshop

Creative Play Workshops are quided and hosted sessions for professionals and for various groups.

Play is a key to new things and thoughts. I think play should be seen as an important part of any design process or system related to human centric user experiences. Play has a great impact on your brain and it helps open doors you didn't know existed. Creative Play Workshops encourage people to discover those doors. Play strengthens intuition. Together play and intuition are a powerful tool for making discoveries and finding inspiration. We play to learn.

During the workshops you are working with colors, shapes and materials. Workshop gives you a chance to play with different tools to create multisensory experiments. Workshops are easy to scale for different enviroments and participants.

Play has no rules or goals and therefore there's no fear of failure. Play itself is enough. Play can offer a great way to ease one's mind.

Creative Play Workshop gives you a chance to create something unexpected, to be able to experiment, to be inspired and to be led by curiosity.

For inquiries, please contact me by email.

Upcoming workshops:
Vuoden Huiput Festival X Candy Play Workshop
Nonstop workshop in Best of the Year -festival, February 2018

Previous workshops:

Veikkaus x Creative Play Workshop
Workshop with Veikkaus Service Design Team, December 2017

LWD x Creative Play Workshop
Collaboration with Ladies, Wine & Design from Helsinki, November 2017 at Bassoradio in Taidekupla.

Creating visual content by play. Inspiration and coincidence in design process.
Lecture and workshop, Aalto University, Helsinki 2017

Creating visual content by play.
Workshop, Femskt-residence, Villa Salin, Helsinki 2017

Private creative play workshops, Helsinki 2017–2014

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