Joy of materials, colors and shapes!

I'm an independent Visual Designer, Illustrator and Artist creating visuals, illustrations and multisensory experiences by play. I also host Candy Play Workshop and Creative Play Workshops for professionals and for various groups.

I play with physical (food, pigments, textures, tools) and digital (vector graphics, 3D, photos, softwares) materials and create new innovative methods for creating visuals. I also write and draw comics and characters. Curiosity drives me forward.

My professional background is in graphic design and art direction in visual communication and marketing. I have Master of Arts degree from University of Lapland 2007 and did Pictoplasma Academy 2014 in Berlin, a master class of character design. I'm an author and illustrator of A Hundred Thousand Knots and Blue Boots® and founder of Blue Boots Creative Studio. For more detailed information, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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