Creative Play Workshops

Creative Play Workshops are guided and hosted visual creativity training sessions for professionals and for various groups.

At the moment I have two sets of workshops:

1. Candy Play Workshop
Candy Play Workshop is a creative visual design play point for adults. It offers chance to play, illustrate and experiment with exciting and colorful candy and other haptic materials. Workshop includes also ministudios where outcomes of play can be photographed by phone. Candy Play gives new creative tools to create multisensory experiences and illustrations. This workshop is suitable for events also.

2. Creative Play Workshop
Creative Play Workshop is a guided and hosted visual play session for adults. During the workshops you can play with graphics, colors, shapes and multisensory materials. Workshop gives a chance to create something unexpected and to make creative experiments.

Creative Play Workshop consist of three play stations: 1. Graphic Play, where you are able to study creative mark making methods with acrylic paint and paper, 2. Candy Play, where you can observe shapes and colors and make compositions out of candy and other haptic materials and 3. System Play, where you can create, build and design something new out of common materials from everyday life. This workshop works best for 3-15 participants at a time.

Both workshops includes materials that are safe, long-lasting, recyclable and/or biodegradable. I value environment-friendly choices.

Workshop for you team - Play increases creativity and creates joy.

All workshops are easy to scale for different enviroments and participants. Creative Play is a key to new things and thoughts. I think play should be seen as an important part of any design process or system related to human centric user experiences. Play has a great impact on your brain and it helps open doors you didn't know existed. Creative Play Workshops encourage people to discover those doors.

Play strengthens intuition. Together play and intuition are a powerful tool for making discoveries and finding inspiration. We play to learn.

Creative Play has no rules or goals and therefore there's no fear of failure. Play itself is enough. Play can offer a great way to ease one's mind. Creative Play Workshop gives you a chance to create something unexpected, to be able to experiment, to be inspired and to be led by curiosity. To have fun!

Briefly in finnish: Luovan leikin työpajat vahvistavat luovaa-ajattelua ja soveltuvat hyvin myös tyky-päivään ja työhyvinvointi-teemaisiin tapahtumiin. Leikki on liekki!

For inquiries, please contact me by email.

Coming up:

Finland Day x Candy Play Workshop 11th -13th of April
Workshop, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, organized by Business Finland Korea, Seoul 2019

Previous workshops:

Aalto University x Creative Play Workshop
Lecture and workshop, Aalto University, Department of Media, Helsinki 2018

Aalto University x Lecture About Creative Play
Lecture, Aalto University, Department of Design, Helsinki 2018

Hei Schools X Candy Play Workshop
Workshop for Hei Schools's Korean quests with KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), Helsinki 2018

Miltton X Candy Play Workshop
Workshop for one of the Miltton teams, Helsinki 2018

Hei Schools X Candy Play Workshop
Nonstop Workshop for Dare to Learn - the festival for rethinking learning guests, Helsinki 2018

Hietsun Paviljonki X Creative Play Workshop
Workshop in Hietsun Paviljonki as part of Helsinki Design Week 2018
Read more: Helsinki Design Week -programme & fb-event

Elisa Kulma X Candy Play Workshop
Nonstop workshop in Elisa Kulma as part of Helsinki Design Week 2018
Read more: Helsinki Design Week -programme & fb-event

Vuoden Huiput Festival X Candy Play Workshop
Nonstop workshop in Vuoden Huiput Festival, Helsinki 2018

Veikkaus x Creative Play Workshop
Workshop with Veikkaus Service Design Team, Helsinki 2017

LWD x Creative Play Workshop
Collaboration with Ladies, Wine & Design from Helsinki, Bassoradio/Taidekupla, Helsinki 2017

Aalto University x Visual Play Workshop
Lecture and workshop, Aalto University, Helsinki 2017

Femskt X Visual Play Workshop
Workshop, Femskt-residence, Villa Salin, Helsinki 2017

Private creative play workshops
Helsinki 2014-2017

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